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Privacy Policy

Posted: August 19, 2015.

What information we collect

Podcasters' Society (“PS”) collects information about you and your podcast(s) from the information you provide publicly accessible third-party systems. This includes but may not be limited to name, contact information, IP address, payment choice, associated podcasts, testimonials, and open messages you contribute within PS.

What we do with this information

Publicly available podcast information may be used for promotional purposes, as granted by the Terms of Service.

Personal information will be used only for direct contact, account management, and abuse control by PS. By providing such direct contact information, you grant PS permission to contact you regarding PS.

You may choose to receive communication from other companies associated with PS, but each of these will require their own opt-in and may be opted-out at any time.

Testimonials and associated information—including, but not limited to name, personal photo, podcast, and visual podcast branding—may be used to promote PS when such information is provided, but will only be used with your written consent.

What we don't do with this information

PS respects your privacy and will never sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to third parties.

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