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Community, training, and support for hobbyists and professionals!

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Improve the quality and success of your podcast through an encouraging community, inspirational training, and expert support!

  • Refine your content
  • Enhance your presentation
  • Streamline your production
  • Boost your promotion
  • Increase your PROFIT

Jordan Harbinger

At first, I was a little worried because I am an advanced podcaster. I’ve had a show for many years and I’ve got hundreds of thousands of downloads each month, so I wasn’t really sure if I was going to learn a lot. But that turned out to be totally false.

Not only were the classes informative, but the podcast evaluation really found a lot of little hacks to make my life as a podcaster that much easier. It went over a lot of the production stuff and smoothed out a lot of things I had always done—doing them that way just because I always did them that way—and things that have evolved over time that I wouldn’t never thought to change myself.

So I highly recommend this for any podcaster—beginning or advanced. I think there’s a lot of value in it for everyone!

Jordan Harbinger
The Jordan Harbinger Show

Make your podcast amazing!

Interactive webinars

Discover new strategies, have your questions answered, get your podcast evaluated, learn from podcasters doing amazing things, and more!

Friendly community

Connect with other podcasters in real time for encouragement, accountability, help, and fun!

Podcast evaluations

Get your podcast reviewed and evaluated for specific areas of improvement, or learn from how others can improve in the random-selected monthly evaluation.

Expert support

Get professional, experienced answers to your podcasting questions.

Resource library

Learn about the tools and techniques to help you grow your audience and improve your podcast for fun or profit! Our tutorials, courses, and recommendations cover hardware, software, principles, and more.

Exclusive savings

Get members-only discounts on podcasting gear, tools, and resources—up to 50% off!

Under caring leadership, the community of podcasters in this amazing group is one of THE biggest reasons my podcast has been so successful.

Todd Uterstaedt
From Founder to CEO

30-day money-back guarantee

When you join Podcasters’ Society, you are fully protected by our satisfaction guarantee. If you don't find value in the resources and community we offer, you can cancel and request a refund within your first 30 days.

I had been podcasting for just over three years and felt I had a good handle on how I produced, edited, and put my best audio product out to my audience. Yet, there was something missing and I could begin to feel my show was plateauing. That's where Podcasters' Society helped me reach yet another level, not just from understanding podcasting and content creation, but to learning more about the industry. Being active and engaged with other podcasters and content-creators has allowed me to become more educated within this realm, and the plateau no longer exists. My podcast and confidence level continue to “rise.” It's because of the help from Daniel, the experts, and the wonderful members of Podcasters' Society that I have reached a new level in podcasting.

Jeff Warren
The Philadelphia Sports Table

Podcasting resources preview on devices

Peek at some of what’s inside

Refine your content

  • Making show notes templates
  • Preparing content better
  • Using SEO to improve your content
  • Building a strategy with content

Enhance your presentation

  • Removing distractions
  • Picking the right format
  • Communicating better

Streamline your production

  • Normalizing audio to standard loudness levels
  • Editing and mastering audio like a pro
  • Creating dynamic images
  • Optimizing WordPress

Boost your promotion

  • Live-streaming to Facebook, YouTube, and more
  • Leveraging email-marketing
  • Automating social-media engagement
  • Making your podcast stand out
  • Improving your podcast SEO

Increase your profit

  • Preparing for success
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Finding and negotiating sponsorships
  • Helping your audience
  • Promoting affiliates effectively

And much, much more!

See what members are saying!

Bryan Entzminger

I’m a proud member of Podcasters’ Society since 2015. I found it to be very valuable in helping me on my journey to take my podcast “From Average to Amazing.” I found that Daniel’s podcast-evaluations are very thorough. My show was one that was reviewed, and I found that his style of bringing up things that were opportunities for improvement was really more empowering than discouraging. From that one review, I’ve had enough to work on that’s going to keep me busy for the rest of this year improving my show. And he pointed out several things that I’d not even noticed, like some errors in my RSS feed, confusing elements in the show notes, and some things that I still haven’t tackled, like developing a killer opt-in to grow my email list.

Between the review and some of the feedback I’ve received from the community, I now better understand some of my strengths as a podcaster. And that’s allowing me to double-down on what I’m good at rather than spinning my wheels on some other things that i’m not as good at. And I really do love that community aspect—everything from the discussions in the forums, to the Slack conversation. I’ve been able to ask questions and have them answered, and frankly I’ve also been able to save a good bit of money by not investing in things that wouldn’t have been valuable.

I’ve also found that Daniel’s webinars and tutorials are really, really good. They’ve helped me as I’ve been continuing to develop in my ability to edit my show and do some of the things involved with that.

If anything, I wish that I had more to invest in Podcasters’ Society because of all that it’s offered me. And also, because I know that it would help me just that much more if I invested more. I highly recommend it.

Bryan Entzminger
Engaging Missions Show

Chris Lewis

I am so excited to be able to encourage you to join Podcasters’ society today. Podcasters' Society has been a great asset for us as we have made our podcast even better. And the reason for that is that Podcasters’ Society is an amazing community of likeminded people who are always there to help. There’s always a constant flow of information. And whether there’s a topic already there or you have a specific question, you can ask that at any time.

There’s also a great community in Slack that offers you quick and direct access to chat with people about issues, things you’re dealing with, and making your craft even better.

The informative, weekly webinars are always amazing and give you up-to-date information on pertinent topics that will relate to your podcast no matter what niche it’s in.

You also get tutorials and a ton of other information as well.

Add on top of that, direct access to the one and only Daniel J. Lewis. And if you have listened to Daniel over the years, you'll know he knows his craft and he knows his information and he’s sharing that with all the members.

So as a charter member of Podcasters’ Society, I highly encourage you to consider joining today. You will not regret it!

Chris Lewis
Dad Spotlight

Jeanne Tiberio

I highly recommend that you join Podcasters’ Society where you can get the scoop on how you can make your podcast the best it can be!

Jeanne Tiberio
Healing Outside the Box

Paul Potter

The Podcasters’ Society is an outstanding community of podcasters who are striving to take their shows from average to amazing!

If you have your own podcast and wanted to take it to the next level, then I think Podcasters’ Society is just what the doctor ordered. And if you’re like me, you’ve faced the technological challenges that podcasting presents. I’ve tried to hack my way through that, but the community and expert feedback has made those challenges fade and less insurmountable.

I’ve found it very helpful to post some questions and get input from people who are podcasting at the same level that I am. In so many of the other forums and Facebook groups for podcasting, they’re for beginners. It’s very helpful to have people at various levels and at an advanced level to provide their input, solve some of the problems I’m facing, help me streamline my workflow, and provide a better experience for my listeners.

The tutorial library has been a fantastic source for identifying tools and recommendations that have really helped me bring back the joy in podcasting and have minimized some of the work.

So if you’re thinking, at all, of taking your podcast to another level and wanting to revitalize that and bring more joy to your experience of podcasting, then I highly recommend Podcasters’ Society, the expertise, and the kind heart of the leadership that can help you through some of those tougher times.

Paul Potter
Cash Practice Success Podcast

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